Finally my freedom again!

Endlich wieder Mee(h)r Freiheit! - Bambuzz | #yourchoice

Sometimes you just have to be lucky ...😊

Shortly after Christmas we booked our holiday in Holland - starting on June 15, 2020. At that time there was still no talk of Corona, and the situation we had in recent months was neither foreseeable nor imaginable at the time!

Lockdown, travel warnings, borders tight🙈 As part of a generation that did not have to experience war or other catastrophes, in addition to being equipped with a German passport that opens doors worldwide, I could never have imagined something like this!

Even though we are before 15.06. Hadn't planned a stay abroad and mostly even enjoyed the lockdown in our beautiful home: somewhere in a remote corner of my head it was always there, this feeling of "being locked in".

For a long time I have felt traveling as an important part of my personal freedom and I really don't like restrictions in this area🙈. Of course, one can now ask the legitimate question of what value my personal freedom has in view of a pandemic ... This is a difficult, but also interesting topic and there are at least 1000 opinions on it ...😅

Well, in any case we decided to play poker, to hope and not to cancel our vacation.

Until the end, we kept bawling about whether the travel warnings would actually be issued on June 15. be canceled - and if so, under what conditions (health certificate from the doctor - we would not have had time to do this before leaving; quarantine when you come back - that doesn't really have to be, especially with 2 small children, ...).

When it became clear that we could drive, we were more happy and relieved than we had been in a long time. Just go on vacation - what was so normal for us up to now has suddenly become a great privilege!

And so we drove lucky guys on the first day, on which it was officially allowed again, over 4 borders (ätsch🤣)! France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland😃

It is so good to have my (h) r freedom and normalcy in life again! I hope, however, that we will not forget the "Corona lessons" anytime soon. For me that means: recognizing what is really important for me and my life (and above all: what is maybe not AS important as I always thought ?!) and: being thankful for what I have🙏 EVERYONE. INDIVIDUAL. DAY.

Oh, and: I definitely need more VitaminSEA 😉


How did you feel during the lockdown? Did you feel very restricted by the travel ban? And now? Are you still going on vacation this year? If so - where?




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