Our donation campaign

Unsere Spenden-Aktion - Bambuzz | #yourchoice

For each sold Lunch box we donate 2, - € to the association Kinder des Himalaya e.V.

It was clear to us from the start that we would like to donate part of our income. However, we didn't want to support an already large charity, as a large part of the donation is needed for administration and other costs. 

While we were thinking about it, it occurred to us that a few years ago a friend reported about his support for a charitable organization in the Himalayan region, which already fascinated us back then. Although we remember his fascinating stories about the Himalayan trip ... we forgot the name of the association. Therefore, Christian arranged to meet him to find out more. After the meeting we were in direct contact with the chairwoman of the association, Ms. Hannelore Pichlbauer. At the beginning of the year we were able to get to know her and learn more about "Children of the Himalaya e.V." from her first hand.

Hannelore is a very personable and incredibly committed woman who travels to the Himalayan region herself every year and supports the association's projects there. She knows the people, their culture and their living conditions. She knows exactly what the donation funds of the association are used for and documents this on site! Both her whole personality and the work of the association made a deep impression on us, and after the meeting we knew: We would like to support the association "Children of the Himalaya e.V."!

We are happy if you help us to help!

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What exactly does the club do?

The association KINDER des HIMALAYA e.V., recognized as a charitable and non-profit organization, supports various school and aid projects for people in Ladakh and the Himalaya region by arranging sponsorships and project funding.

Ladakh with its approx. 250,000 inhabitants, who mainly live in remote mountain villages at an altitude of 3500 - 6000 m, was a small kingdom, which is also known as 'little Tibet' because of its geographical proximity, its culture and its religious affiliation with Tibetan Buddhism. Because of its politically sensitive border regions with Pakistan and China, it was hardly accessible from outside until 1974 and has only been open to the general public since then. For centuries-old traditions and social structures, this opening means an abrupt confrontation with elements of the westernized, 'modern' world. This set in motion a process of change that poses immense and unknown challenges for the people in Ladakh.

Almost 70% of the population was illiterate at the beginning of this century. In the rain-poor, climatically harsh mountain desert of the Himalayas, people ran barren agriculture and livestock for self-sufficiency by irrigating their fields from meltwater streams of the glaciers. Their highly developed socio-cultural structures and their community-oriented values, which are based on the spirituality of Tibetan Buddhism, were undoubtedly just as vital.

For the new challenges, illiteracy, which prevents the Ladakhi from making independent decisions about their future and shaping it independently, was and is a big problem. Education is therefore a priority in breaking the cycle of a lack of prospects and poverty. So that progress does not mean the destruction of what is important and tried and tested, in addition to the creation of an educational offer for children and adults, the preservation of cultural identity and the strengthening of initiative and personal responsibility are essential concerns of the association in development cooperation with its Ladakhi partner organizations.

KINDER des HIMALAYA e.V. works with 2 pillars:



Financial and advisory support for independent projects of our cooperation partners in Ladakh / India.

This includes the support of school education up to the achievement of a professional qualification by arranging individual sponsorships for school children, or sponsorships for an entire school project, as well as collecting donations for the benefit of the establishment and maintenance of appropriate facilities.

By founding and supporting even small mountain village schools in remote regions, especially small children should be able to attend school without separating from family and village community. Support of literacy projects for young people and adults, as well as self-help projects especially for women, is also part of this.


2. Initiated by KINDER des HIMALAYA e.V. and projects carried out in cooperation to improve circumstances / situation within the projects of the partner organizations or in their environment. Currently mainly in the areas of dental health (dental health project), teacher training and improvement of drinking water hygiene.


Through regular stays to supervise projects, the board members are in intensive individual exchange both with the Ladakhi project partners and with many supported families and children and know the situation on site from their own experience. This also serves to keep our godparents and donors informed about the conscientious and agreed use of the transferred funds. Annual travel reports provide more detailed information. Project visits by many sponsors and supporters also contribute to the desired transparency, exchange, suggestions and improvement and are most welcome. The association also sees an important task in arranging contacts and intercultural encounters. For this purpose, i.a. School partnerships between German schools and schools supported by the association in Ladakh are encouraged and accompanied, and voluntary assignments of professionally qualified helpers are arranged.



You can find more information at: www.kinderhimal.de