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As you all have probably noticed, Earth Overshoot Day was a few days ago, namely on August 22nd, 2020. This day is determined annually by the Global Footprint Network, and it shows when we - the world population - have used up all of the resources that our planet can regenerate within a year.

Unfortunately we are at the forefront in Germany when it comes to wasting resources.

In Germany we use between 33 and 40 tons of resources per capita per year ... globally sustainable are around 8 tons per capita per year !!!!

Due to the corona pandemic, the German Earth Overshoot Day cannot be precisely calculated this year - it would probably have fallen on May 3, 2020!

Is not that incredible? After 4 months we have  already emitted all carbon dioxide that forests and oceans can absorb within a year. We fish more and faster than the stocks can recover, chop more wood than can grow back, ...

Here in Germany we live as if we had 3 earths available (worldwide 1.6 earths) ... but we don't!

In the private sector, we would quickly panic based on such numbers:

A.On May 3rd already squandered the entire annual income ?! Living as if one had 3 annual salaries available without this being the reality ?!

It quickly becomes clear to everyone: That is not possible! You have to change something immediately and thoroughly, otherwise it will end in a catastrophe!

However, this catastrophe (namely an enormous mountain of debt) is a banality compared to what lies ahead of our earth and us as humanity if we do not quickly begin to assume our responsibilities and start better managing our resources.

We are currently living at the expense of future generations, but also at the expense of the people who live in the global south. These people consume significantly less themselves than we do in the industrialized nations, but are more directly and more severely affected by the ecological consequences!

In her speech in Davos, Greta Thunberg said: "I want you to panic!"

I can understand her! As I said, if it were about our private household, we would have been in a panic long ago in the face of the situation!

However, I doubt whether panic will help us in the long term. Maybe it is necessary in the short term so that we can see the real extent of the problem.

But then it is important not to remain in this panic, but to take action and look for solutions.

If we now draw the link to the omnipresent topic of 2020, the corona pandemic, then we can take something positive with us from this crisis.

“... Crises [are] often moments in which changes are possible that would be unthinkable under normal conditions. The radical measures to contain the spread of the corona virus are themselves examples of this. "- writes e.g. Prof. Dr. Dirk Messner, President of the Federal Environment Agency.

"If all goes well, 2020/21 could turn into a turning point in the direction of sustainable economies and societies."

For this, “... the investments in economic recovery after the pandemic must be consistently linked to sustainability. Our economy must no longer be geared towards profit that undermines climate goals and human rights. The consumption of resources has to decrease "demands Steffen Vogel from Germanwatch.

So far, so good - you may think now and withdraw as an individual, overwhelmed. That is a matter of politics- THEY have to act!

That is true, but each and every one of us is in demand here!

Anyone can start to rethink, question and change decisions and lifestyle habits. It is important that we realize that with every decision we make, we are sending a signal over and over again every day. To our environment, our politics, the market economy, etc.

Therefore, it is really worth starting with yourself and questioning your own (consumption) behavior!

We can all change something together! The more people make changes in their lives towards more awareness and sustainability, the larger this will draw.

On the pages mentioned below there are good suggestions on what you can do to conserve resources and thus postpone Earth Overshoot Day!

⬇️ Have a look! #movethedate

"There is only two days a year when you can't do anything. One is yesterday, the other tomorrow. This means that today is the right day to love, believe and first and foremost to live. "

(Dalai Lama)


In this sense-

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