Deine neue Lunchbox

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Our lunch boxes ...

... are real eye-catchers and ready to be taken to work by you. But the lunch box is also really practical for school or kindergarten. The lid is made of purely natural bamboo and is also very suitable as a cutting board for on the go. The whole lunch box is biodegradable. This is how our beautiful lunch boxes become an all-round sustainable product.


Bamboo is an excellent material and is particularly sustainable. We explain the many reasons for this to you here.


Our lunch boxes are made of bamboo, corn starch and PLA, a bioplastic. This makes our lunch box completely biodegradable. The fastener is made of rubber and can be recycled.

Matter of the heart

For every lunch box sold, we donate € 2 to children of the Himalaya e.V. from Karlsruhe. If you want to find out more about the association, then click here.


Did you know that?

Some types of bamboo grow up to one meter a day. Due to its rapid growth, the bamboo plant binds a lot compared to trees CO2 and as an evergreen plant produces 35% more oxygen than conventional trees.