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Wir bieten dir Artikel, mit welchen du den Einstieg in ein nachhaltigeres Leben einfach und ohne dich um- oder verstellen zu müssen, wagen kannst.
Lunchbox "Schwarzwald" - Bambuzz |
Lunchbox "Schwarzwald" - Bambuzz |
Lunchbox "Schwarzwald" - Bambuzz |
Lunchbox "Schwarzwald" - Bambuzz |
Lunchbox "Schwarzwald" - Bambuzz |
Lunchbox "Schwarzwald" Classic - Bambuzz |
Lunchbox "Schwarzwald" Classic - Bambuzz |

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"Black Forest" lunch box
Regular price €17,99

  • Lunchbox is biodegradable
  • Light
  • without melamines
  • Content: 900ml
  • Size: 19 x 12.5 x 5.5 (H x W x D)
  • € 2 donation per sale


Our "Black Forest" lunch box is a real eye-catcher and ready to be taken with you to work. But the lunch box is also really practical for school or kindergarten. The box consists of 80% bamboo, 15% corn starch and 5% PLA. PLA is a bioplastic that is made from lactic acid and is 100% biodegradable. The lid is made of purely natural bamboo and is also very suitable as a cutting board for on the go. This is how our beautiful lunch box becomes an all-round sustainable product. The fastener tape is made of rubber and is not completely degradable - but can be reused wonderfully.


We donate € 2 from the sale of a lunch box to the Kinder des Himalaya e.V. from Karlsruhe!

The lunch box holds 900ml and measures (HxWxD) 19x12.5x5.4 cm. The box has a slightly conical shape.

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Did you know,...

that our lunch boxes are 100% biodegradable? They are made from bamboo, corn starch and PLA. Only the fastener tape has to be recycled later.

In addition, we donate € 2 per lunch box sold.

Find out more here


Bambuzz, pronounced bʌmbʌz, is a play on words bamboo and buzz

Buzz stands for enthusiasm. And we want to wake this up in you! Because bamboo is an excellent material which has many great properties. You can find more information about this

We love to travel

It is important to us to be well equipped on our travels with our children. However, we wanted to do without plastic products right from the start. Today we offer you products that we ourselves use and love every day.

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