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Leben auf Pump - Bambuzz | #yourchoice
As you all have probably noticed, Earth Overshoot Day was a few days ago, namely on August 22nd, 2020. This day is determined annually by the Global Footprint Network, and it shows when we - the world population - have...
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Plastic-World - Bambuzz | #yourchoice
There is one topic that has moved me for a long time, and that is environmental protection and sustainability. There are many political approaches to this issue. And a great many topics fall under this major heading: environmental protection.Now, in...
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Endlich wieder Mee(h)r Freiheit! - Bambuzz | #yourchoice
Sometimes you just have to be lucky ...😊 Shortly after Christmas we booked our holiday in Holland - starting on June 15, 2020. At that time there was still no talk of Corona, and the situation we had in recent...
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