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Über uns - Bambuzz | #yourchoice

Hi there! We are Christian and (Magda-) Lena, the founders of Bambuzz!

Anyone who knows us knows that we often hatch new ideas, build dream castles and make plans ... we have already put some of them into practice.

Establishing your own company has always been such a thing ... Since we've known each other, we've been talking more and more about the fact that we would like to do something else somehow, someday. We already had a lot of ideas, but none of them really worked.

We didn't just want any business idea, we were looking for something special. Something of your own. Something we have fun in and where we want to invest our whole heart and soul. Something we are enthusiastic about and can stand behind it 100% with full commitment!

In recent years we have become more and more sensitive to issues such as environmental protection, sustainability and avoidance of plastic waste. Fortunately, these topics have been more and more present for some time and we also noticed that we can't get past this topic anymore - and we don't even want to!


On the contrary, the desire to do something, to take things into your own hands, grew. As people who like to travel and never get enough of exploring the beauty and uniqueness of our earth, pictures of plastic-contaminated beaches etc. hit us right in the heart. Not to mention the people and animals who have to live amid the wastes of our “civilization”.

We moved to the country with our children about a year ago because we longed for more nature in our everyday lives. We feel how good it is for us to live “in the country” and see it as a great gift! Nowhere are our children happier than outside - whether in the forest, by the stream or simply in the garden.
Anyone who consciously spends a lot of time in nature quickly realizes that we humans need nature. But we also have a responsibility to preserve it! For us, our children and the generations to come.


“We inherited nature from our parents. But we also borrowed them from our children. "

Richard v. Weizsäcker

In our private lives as a family, we first decided to change our habits in small steps. We know each other well enough to know: If we take on the whole mountain at once, then we'll give up before we've even started (maybe some of you feel the same way ...?).
So we first looked for alternatives to plastic products and came across bamboo products. (You can do what fascinates us so much about bamboo here read).
It was clear to us that this would be our small step on the way to less plastic waste and to the protection of our beautiful earth!
With our Bambuzz shop we want to take as many people as possible with us on this journey! YOU- YOU- YOU- ALL !!
We are very much looking forward to this path!


P.S. The journey is the goal - and we still have many new ideas. Some of them are already in the pipeline in the form of new products and will soon be available here in the shop! So feel free to drop by from time to time to see what's new!
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