Avoid plastic!

Plastik vermeiden! - Bambuzz | #yourchoice

As parents, we often wonder how we leave the world to our children. The handling and frivolous use of plastic is a big issue for us. We avoid plastic wherever possible. Of course, we also have this claim on our shop.

Many of our items are completely plastic-free. However, some items cannot be offered entirely without plastic. In this case, however, we make sure that PLA is used, a compostable bioplastic based on lactic acid. However, you should not throw this into your home compost, but dispose of it in the organic waste bin.

Our toothbrushes also contain some nylon in the brush head. Unfortunately, this cannot be avoided if you want a high quality toothbrush.
Compared to a conventional 
Toothbrush, the plastic content of our bamboo toothbrush is very low.